Apex Nursing Resource is comprised of a team of highly skilled and experienced critical care nurses who are passionate about helping others to achieve their goals. We have numerous years of International and North American nursing experience having worked in multiple Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms, Air Ambulance Transport, and Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Units. We are currently employed in a highly acute tertiary care hospital in leadership positions within a Level 3 Intensive Care Unit.

Through our combined gained international experience, we have developed a simple and effective methodology that will assist you in preparing for the NCLEX. We offer a comprehensive curriculum and numerous practice questions that will highly improve your success in passing the exam. In addition, we will guide you in navigating through and analysing questions in order to derive the correct answers and develop critical thinking.

Apex Nursing Resource is the ultimate resource for nurses. Not only do we increase your success in passing the NCLEX, we will provide continued individualised support and guidance in your licensure, immigration, and  employment processes. We are fully committed to assist you on your journey to success.